3. Forestry Experience



Forestry Experience

Many trees in the mountain.

Just a silence is there.

You can only hear the sound of birds and footsteps.

Let’s try to cut the tree by chainsaw standing for decades.

When the tree falls down with the sound, you will realize it is very special experience to cut the tree to the designated points.

The mountain can be playground for INAKABITO.





Chainsaw Course

We provide chainsaw course.

The participants can get license after the course.

Using chainsaw might be a bit dangerous, so please kindly learn how to use chainsaw properly for your safety in advance.

You can check our chainsaw course from Youtube video below.


If you are interested in our chainsaw course, please contact us from the following contact page.


Woodworking Class

After you cut the tree in the mountain, you can use it for our woodworking class at the lumbermill which one of our member who has a first architect license, manages more than decades.

You can make your original accessories or cutting board under the professional instructions.

Once you make it, you can bring it back to your country. 


Chainsaw Contest

We are currently planning to start a new chainsaw contest with original rules.

More information will be announced via homepage or SNS.