3. Japanese Style Wedding Ceremony



Japanese Style Wedding Ceremony

Japanese wedding ceremony at a traditional Japanese style house.

This is different from typical wedding ceremony at wedding hall.

Very warm, and feelings of blessing.


We set bride’s home to bridegroom’s home.

At the beginning of the wedding ceremony, all of the guests, including bride and groom, walk all the way to the bridegroom’s home.

The bride enters broom’s house from the veranda. The Japanese traditional sandals are taken at the veranda. This implies that the bride will be the groom’s family member from the ceremony.

San san kudo(三三九度), a Japanese traditional marriage ceremony, and wedding vows.

「Marriage Certification from Ninja city」will be given to the bride and groom by Iga city mayor with Ninja costume. (The ninja in the following picture is his representative)

At the middle of wedding ceremony, the bride changes her Japanese white wedding kimono to colorful wedding kimono. Dance with Japanese traditional lion mask by our staff is performed for all of guests.

5 kinds of special Japanese sweets are served with green tea. At the end of the ceremony, memorial photo shoot is held at the veranda. 

If you are interested in Japanese style wedding ceremony with us, please feel free to contact us.


Our Vision

We would like to provide this wedding ceremony for couples who have no relatives, have no family, have no chance to have wedding ceremony due to some reasons.

Our staff would like to be “their family” in the ceremony and hopefully this place will be their second hometown in their heart.

We strongly believe that the real treasure is warmth of mind.


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