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Shichiten Battou Co., Ltd. is the countryside designing company. Mountain, river and rice field. These are common sights in countryside areas and many people think that this is nothing special. However, we believe that these sights can be very attractive contents if we change the point of view toward them. We, Shichiten Battou Co., Ltd., designs these sights and show new possibility of countryside here in Iga city.

Company Profile

The Date of Establishment Feb 15th, 2018
Address 604, Kawagita, Iga, Mie, Japan
President Hisao Fukumochi
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【President】Hisao Fukumochi

6 years after I retired, I am responsible for both Shichiten Battou Co., Ltd. and a local juridical agricultural union now. I used to be a part-time farmer and now a full-time farmer. Although I have been in agricultural industry for so long time, I finally realize the situation of primary industry. This is totally different situation from what it used to be before.

I started to think that we need to take more risks and try to challenge new things in order to find new way, not choosing easy way like we did in old agriculture industry. I am sure that it is the right way to survive.

We, local people in country side area, may have been “influenced” for long time, but now may need to influence others. I can feel that this will create “new hope” for countryside even if this seems to be a “small light”. I hope to have more such “small lights”, and more companies who can feel the warmth together.


Motokazu Miyatani

I was born in Iga city and think myself that I am very local person here. Before joining Shichiten Battou Co., Ltd., I used to be in civil engineering industry for so long time. While I enjoyed my work, I also enjoyed producing rice, soy beans and other vegetable as a local farmer. (I also tried to produce jerusalem artichoke, but too much produce of it…) Nowadays I also work as a hunter and dedicate to protect local agriculture field.

Although my lifestyle is like this as I mentioned above, it seems to me that local area, including my hometown, is losing its attraction as times goes by. Therefore, I would like to change it something better with my skill and experience here if I could. Please let me know if there is anything my experiences can help you. 


Mariko Ohchi

I was born in Chiba prefecture in Japan and studied in a university in Tokyo. After the graduation, I started to work and save my money to pay my scholarship. I went to Canada to study English after the payment was paid off. In Canada, I met one guy. Our relationship started there. He is my husband now.

My husband and I used to work in Tokyo. When he changed his job, we moved back to Iga, Mie prefecture. I started to work as a backoffice staff in his father’s company. Everyday is work at office and chore at home, which was very boring. As soon as I live in Iga, I miss the lifestyle in Tokyo so much. I know this is very far from Iga to Tokyo, so try to find relief in drink at home… Actually, I was thinking, “Someday, I will be back to Tokyo” all the time, but this has been totally changed after I joined Shichiten Battou.

I got the message from one of the members from Shichiten Battou. 「If you think that there is nothing in countryside, YOU can make anything you imagine by yourself. If you notice this, you will find more chance here. Don’s you think so?」 This is the new perspective I have never imagined. After this, I really enjoy the lifestyle here.


Satoru Morikawa

I was born in east side of Iga. I used to an engineer. I am very interested in the technology, even if it is hard for me to catch up. I think that I am very good at concentrating on my work. While I am a member of Shichiten Battou, I am working for a forestry department of administration. Also, as a farmer, I am producing rice with the fresh water from the mountain.

After I started to work in forest industry, I feel that the mountain gets rougher and needs to be taken care of by someone. Therefore, I begin to think that I should maintain better environment for people who will live next generation. I will try to challenge myself to build new local area with my accumulated experience.


Hidemi Morikawa

I was born in Iga, but moved to east are of Japan when my career stared as an engineer related to car industry. I got so busy everyday. While I dedicated to my company, I stated to think, “Maybe it is better for me to live with nature” and moved back to Iga. Now my career is still engineer related with more various types of industries, but also help my family’s agriculture and enjoy the communications between people from other areas.

After I came back to Iga, I realized that technology should be used with nature, not developed and created upon the destruction of the nature. This is what I believe based on my experience as an engineer. It may be very important for us not to do anything for nature, just let it be as it is. I hope my skill and experience will contribute toward the creation of great local area.

Yoshihisa Hiroshima

I am an owner of a lumbermill company in Iga. When I was a kid, I used to play in the mountain, at the river and in the rice field. There is always nice natural wind blowing. Now I have my family, my wife and children, here. I study natural farming method, because I would like to protect and leave this nature as it is for my children.

I have a 1st architect license. I plan to build “Shichiten Battou Village” in the mountain by utilizing my skill. Also, I have created “Mini truck caravan” made from Iga wood. I am happy to talk about wood if you would like to know more about it.

A lumbermill may be not common place for everyone, but I am happy to welcome you. Please let me know in advance if you would like to see around.


Masahiro Ohchi

I was born in Iga. I moved to Osaka when I studied in a university. After the graduation, my career started as a sales person from a securities company. However, I decided to fly to Canada to study English. After MBA course, I started my new career in US financial company based in Tokyo. After I quit the job, I moved back to Iga and started to work at my father’s construction company in Iga when I was 30 years old. Also, I have created my own company for importing business.

My career may look cool, but I was young at that time and things did not go well as I expected. After I met members from Shichiten Battou, I have found what I did not have to be successful, how to interact with others, and how to find possibilities and so on… Even though I am over 35 yeas old now, I still can learn a lot of important things for my career through Shichiten Battou. I decided to be a person who can give happiness, smiles and new ideas for the people around me by utilizing the experiences from our members. I also appreciate my wife. She understands me and happy to do the business in Shichiten Battou together. I think that I am a very lucky guy.

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Our Vision

Shichiten Battou Co., Ltd. has been founded on the vision, “more spotlight on countryside”, that our members have in common.

We would like to cooperate with many people, such as people who have no hometown in countryside, would like to stay away from town area, would like to have more experience with agriculture and forestry, who are interested in lifestyle in countryside and so on. We hope to have many interactions with those people from various types of areas and build “New hometown” together.